We are at the Airstream Club International Rally in Doswell VA.

Airstreamers have been going to local rallies for years, and once a year there is a “special” rally that airstreams try to attend from all over the US and now the world.

This is the “Airstream Club International Rally” which is located in Doswell, Virginia this year. The 2020 rally will be in Loveland, Colorado. so no issue with the excessive heat we have been subjected to thus far.  🙂 Read more

Maximum Expression – Don’t Take Anything Personally

The past few days have been an interesting foray in self reflection. First, I was left with a bad feeling after a pot luck gathering at my house. I felt like I had done something wrong that made a couple of people leave early. I dwelled on that for days—I still am, as a matter of fact, 6 days later, although the feelings aren’t as intense today as they were the day after. Then I felt sad, hurt, and left out from an event that I clearly wasn’t invited to but knew was occurring at a neighbor’s house. Of course, I thought I had done something wrong and am still wondering why I wasn’t included.

Then a flicker of realization occurred yesterday. I was introducing myself to a new acupuncturist, and I told her that I had published Innerchange magazine many years ago. She indicated that the name sounded a little familiar, but that was all she said about it. Initially, I wondered why it didn’t seem MORE familiar to her—where were the raves about it and exclamation of missing it— and then it hit me that it has been 11 years since I stopped publishing it, and the actual magazine itself hasn’t been in print for over 8 years. It is obviously still VERY REAL to me because it absorbed so much of my time and energy for over a decade, but how many of us truly remember magazines we picked up and perused 8-10 years ago? The magazine was personal to me on so many levels—a passion, a purpose, a success, a failure, etc. But it is clearer to me now, more than before, that it is time for me to let Innerchange go and move on. Read more

Shattering versus Awakening: Views of Spiritual Evolution

“…you, in the very immediateness of your present awareness, are in fact the entire world,
in all its frost and fever, in all its glories and its grace, in all its triumphs and its tears.
You do not see the sun, you are the sun; you do not hear the rain, you are the rain;
you do not feel the earth, you are the earth.”
~ Ken Wilber, A Spirituality that Transforms (2006)

Our innate urge to transform and evolve comes from the moment we were created, in the image and likeness of God, to serve—as one of Edgar Cayce’s readings stated—as co-creators and companions of God. Even Ken Wilber acknowledges an inner drive: “…there is a fundamental Eros to the universe, a drive to reach higher, deeper, and further…” (deVos, 2008).  And, as is the beauty of our universe, transformation and evolution take on different meanings across scientific disciplines, religions, and cultures. One scientific discipline’s metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly is another’s from fossil fuel power to solar power. One culture’s strength in new-found democracy is another culture’s strength in centuries-old traditions. One person’s accepting Christ into his/her heart for eternal life is another person’s awakening to the unity of all life. Read more

Under Construction!

This website is currently under construction (started by Karen on May 14, 2019). She is not a WordPress aficionado by any stretch of the imagination, so don’t be surprised if you see odd things as she learns through trial and error!

T Minus 10 Months

What started out as a weekend visit to Karen’s mother’s permanently-situated RV at an RV resort near Emerald Isle, NC, turned into a master plan of buying an Airstream, downsizing a life well built over 30+ years of being together and owning our own business, selling said business, “retiring” and moving into the Airstream to travel full-time around the u.S. and parts of Canada and Mexico.

T – 10 months. The countdown is on. We will be officially moving into our Airstream in March 2020 and plan to hit the road in May 2020, with our youngest daughter’s college graduation being our first stop.

Soul Evolution: The Cycle of Consciousness

“In the beginning…” – the first three words of some of the most famous and historical religious texts of humanity – initiates the unfoldment of the universal questions we, as humans, have sought to answer through science and religion across millennia. Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose? Where are we going? And, because of cultural traditions and religious stories passed down throughout history as well as the growth of various scientific schools of thought, serious attempts have been made to answer these questions. Read more