We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In just 90 days, with our Airstream and pick-up truck fully loaded, our business sold, and our house watched over, we will be hitting the road as official full-time RVers. Our first month of travel is already planned out and reserved, and details for the second and third months are being discussed and modified. We have a general idea where we will be next Fall, and have set our sights on Alaska for the Summer of 2021.

We have been counting down for a few years, using large swaths of time and big events as mile markers. Now we are getting to the nitty gritty. Our last day of work is March 27, and the transfer of the office and equipment to the new owner will take place that day. Items that are definitely going on the Airstream or pick-up truck are making their way into a corner of the living room. And things we are storing are being packed up. Various pieces of furniture and one of our house plants have been spoken for and will find their new homes by March. There’s a growing pile for a yard sale in April, and the car continuously finds itself full of stuff going to local charities.

It takes time, patience, and a certain amount of bravery to let go of 32+ years of accumulated stuff. This house has been our safe haven for 24 years. We’ve raised our daughters here, ran our businesses from here, and loved pets that are buried here. We are not only retiring from work (for now), but we are also moving out and moving on. Big steps, big transition for both of us.

We will need time to process and decompress, to breathe in sunshine and some beautiful, natural surroundings. We look forward to seeing old friends and forging new ones; to visiting family and discovering new places. We will create a new “normal” as nomads—celebrating events and holidays in new locations, scheduling phone visits with loved ones we won’t see as often, writing blogs for our website, and sharing videos of fun excursions. Our home will be right behind us, our passports in our pockets, and no need for packing and unpacking.

It seems like 2020 just started last week, but it is already February 1. So, the next 90 days will fly by, one quick day at a time. We’ll get done what we can and not worry about the rest, because we will be pulling out by May 1.