When I think of the Mississippi River, classic American literature, paddle boats, and a nostalgic feeling come to mind. And our one night camping by it did not disappoint in bringing some of this to life.

I crossed the Mississippi River a couple of times 10 or so years ago, but I never stopped. And our brief stay on its banks was too short—long enough to give us a taste, but not long enough to explore it.

Miller Riverview Park and Campground (https://www.cityofdubuque.org/1133/Miller-Riverview-Park-Campground), a popular weekend location for locals, is on the bank of the Mississippi River in Dubuque, Iowa. We were lucky enough to reserve a spot for a Friday night, and we were “bank front” (like ocean front but much closer to the water!). The evening we arrived, we had a lovely visit with a friend, Bianca, who recently moved to Dubuque from North Carolina—martinis, dinner, bonfire, and s’mores next to the river. And, before we left the next morning, Bianca gave us a brief tour of Dubuque and took us to the downtown Farmer’s Market.

There are several locks on the Mississippi River, and we were not far from lock #11. Several barges passed by (they move day and night), and we even saw a privately-owned paddle boat go by just after dawn the next morning. A small marina and swim area were not far up the river, and a bridge to Wisconsin was within sight down river.
The only downside of this location were the thousands of tiny little bugs that enjoyed the heat and humidity and the light inside of our Airstream as darkness fell. It took a few days to get rid of all these little hitchhikers.

I would love to spend more time exploring Dubuque when the weather is more comfortable, and a cruise down the Mississippi is definitely on my bucket list.

Our reservations at Arrowhead RV Resort in Wisconsin Dells beckoned us, so Mississippi River explorations will need to wait.