Fingers crossed. Since starting full-time RVing last May, we had planned to travel to Alaska this summer (2021). A few months ago, though, we decided not to put the effort into planning our itinerary because we were hearing the Canadian border would be closed through a good part of the summer due to the pandemic. Taking a ferry is not an option for us—the price is prohibitive for our budget. And enjoying as much of Alaska as we can requires crossing into Canada no later than the end of May.

With three covid vaccines now available, though, we are thinking (and hoping) the border might open by then, accommodating our timeline.

So, planning and preparations have commenced. We will shorten our journey through CA (currently set for the next 2.5 months) to be in northern WA by the end of May. I am so excited! If we don’t go this year, it will be 2023 before we go. Not a big deal. Next year, 2022, our daughter graduates from Appalachian State University with her Master’s degree in Student Affairs, and we want to be in Boone, NC to celebrate with her and attend the ceremony. She (as well as so many others) was deprived of a graduation ceremony for her undergraduate degree in 2020 because of the pandemic, so next year’s graduation is a MUST! We could go to Alaska right after that, but it would require traveling across the U.S. with our Airstream much faster than the pace we like.

A full summer in Alaska is our plan, heading back to the 48 contiguous states by the early part of September. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime journey. There is so much to see and do in the U.S. and Canada that getting back to Alaska will be way down on our list once we make the trip. I look forward to seeing wildlife, kayaking on pristine waters, flying in an air taxi, boating to a glacier, Carl eating fresh salmon, whale watching, maybe dipping my toes in the Arctic Ocean, meeting some sled dogs, viewing the northern lights, breathing in peace and beauty. We’ll see. We’ll be open and absorb the experiences we can while there.

Alaska, here we come! See you in June (hopefully)!