One of our followers (thanks, Mom!) recently shared her experience with viewing the photos in our blogs. It was more cumbersome than I intended it to be. With a little bit of research, an add-on to a plug-in, and the aid of technical support with some settings, I have been able to convert all of the picture galleries into slideshows. Now, when you see a grouping of three or more photos in our blogs, you should be able to click on any one of them, it will enlarge, and then it will either automatically slide through the rest of the photos or you can click on the arrows to manually slide through them.

If you notice anything with our website or blogs that would make your experience more user friendly, please feel free to contact me (! Just remember that I’m not a professional website developer, but I enjoy the challenge of trying to solve problems. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I don’t (it might be above my pay grade!).

Thank you for following along on our full-time RV travels. New posts are coming soon ~ hopefully, Yellowstone in a few days with Olympic National Park in a week or two!