Last weekend we traveled to Boone NC, home of Appalachian State University, where my daughter is a senior.. We have done parents weekend several yrs ago so 2 out of 4 ain’t bad..

We took the Airstream to the Boone KOA for the weekend.. This campground is just out of town and up in elevation some 500 ft.. so we were rith at 3780 ft ASL.. (above sea level) and it was much cooler and less humid plus NO mosquitoes. ūüôā¬† Its a nice area with lots of pull through sites but some are quite short.. We have a 30 ft and had to park truck in of site as did a lot of other..


There was several other airstreams total of 4 with us, which is rare to see.. Most of the time we are the only AS in a park..


We got a parking pass in the Railey Lot right off River St and it was PARTY central.. Apprentlally App has a lottery of some 250 parking passes that students can get.. Well Rachel and 5 of her friend put in and got 2 spots.. We got on in spot 92 which was the center almost of the lot and we were surrounded by students.. (pictures are taken at, get this, 11:30 AM.. the place packed up over the next hour!!) and yes that is a BOAT>>

It was a bright sunny day with temps in the low 80’s.¬† We, not having a tent, got a lot of sun but hey its a party…¬† we had the grill set up, chairs and folding table with cooler in car trunk protected by the silver thing you put in front window and then we got rain.. with wind.¬† it got sunny and rained at least 3 more times before game time..¬† EPPIC..

So we got tickets to sold out game.. As we started walking to stadium this guy was walking by holding up tickets. (had not seen anyone else with tickets) so we asked for a couple and prices..(on stubhub tickets were going for $260 each).. He was wanting 150, i offered 100 and we settled at 110 for 2,, (face is 40 at App so not all that bad) .. SO we head into the game on the visitors side, and the sunny side, to watch the now 4-0 app state team, which has just beat UNC the prior week..


Well we could see clouds and some wind which help to cool off the place then the score board posted a message EXTREME WEATHER alert.. clear the stadium and play suspended..

we like dammmm… so we head out.. Madeline, Rachel and rachel’s school friend Kelly were in the student section across the field from us.. They were allowed to exit down to field level and we did the same to meet them in the end zone.. (the girls got some good selfies in the end zone which is unusual for sure.. ) ALso got some picture of girls by the rock as it called this stadium.

So we headed back to the parking lot and took a walk to the student center where Rachel and Kelly work.  Along the way back the mascot was coming back heading to the stadium and I was able to get them to stop to get quick pic with the two students.

We had been following the twitter feed updates, lighting within 8 miles of stadium gates still closed more updates later type stuff, so we headed back to the car to get the grill out and do some hotdogs that got left over.  We now had space to spread as a lot of folks had left.  (some spaces were trashed)

After grilling and eating dogs we get twitter message the gates would be opening at 6pm, teams would have a 10 min warm up and play resume at 6:15.. so back we head and NO one is checking tickets at all.. (they did scan coming in) So we like dammmmm again.. could have just waited it out and gone in for FREE>.

We head back to RV park for campfire and chilling with peeps and checking out the next morning to head back to garner.

Over all it was a great weekend with the girls at parents weekend at App State.. Next time we head there will be in May of 2020 for graduation and then heading out on the road.