March 3, 2022 – First Chemo Treatment

June 23, 2022 – Last Chemo Treatment







After a little over six months from my initial diagnosis and four months of chemotherapy treatments, I am happy to report that my latest PET scan shows zero lymphoma activity, and my spleen is back to normal size.  Yeahhhh…

I endured some side effects—most notably hair loss (it is strange to be hairless with no eyebrows!)—but most came and went without too much fanfare. The worst week was the very first week after the first chemotherapy treatment. I had contracted a stomach virus which, on top of the chemo, did quite a number to my system. I was back in the doctor’s office three different days that week to get fluids to get back to “normal.”

The remaining weeks were relatively uneventful for the most part. I faired better than so many others, and I am grateful for the journey I had.

It was important to me to use all the tools in my toolbox—chemotherapy, high-dose Vitamin C infusions, the love/support/positive vibes from family and friends. Cards, gifts, text messages, emails, phone calls, healing energy, and prayers were all gratefully received and accepted, and my health benefited from them all.

For this first year, I will have follow-up appointments every three months. Because of this, we will continue traveling but will stay on the east coast to make it easier and closer to get to my appointments.

We are currently making our way to Fryeburg, Maine for the upcoming International Airstream Rally. We will be back in North Carolina by mid-August for a follow-up appointment and to handle our house status. Then we will travel to Minnesota so Carl can work at a farm with the crew on corn silage cutting and sugar beets (his bucket list!) driving a truck for the harvest. Long hours and good, high pay for the month or so of work!!  A lot of RVers do this along with Amazon warehouse working and other high-pay, temporary jobs for travel money and such.

I’m so glad to be back in the Airstream with its new axles (thanks to Carl and his brother, Brad)—moving to new places and taking pictures with my camera! More to come on our travel adventures…