So, continuing the story … this is part 2 …

The Virginia Beach KOA was well equipped  to keep kids and adults alike happy with several nice pools, play equipment area, some neat looking cabins you can rent, along with all the other stuff they provide.

One of the cool places we visited was the  “Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum which honors and preserves the history of Virginia’s maritime heritage, coastal communities, the United States Lifesaving Service, and the United States Coast Guard along the Atlantic coast.”  At a cost of only a $1 per person it was a cool (AC) and delightful place to visit.


It is located right on the beach in the middle of all the action and has been standing for many years.

The VA Beach area was much the “salt” after area to spend the summer, it seems. Some of the pictures in the building suggest it was a hopping place in the summer for many years.



Another fun activity we did was ride the high-speed off-shore boat called the Rudee Rocket. It goes out of the Rudee Inlet and heads north toward Fort Henry lighthouse and back, stopping to see dolphins in the area.  At one point, up near the Fort Story seashore, we slowed and turned in toward the shore to check out a pod of dolphins up by the breakers.



The captain then started heading up the beach (parallel) at a slow speed, which caused a nice big wake behind the boat and just like he was saying the dolphins started “surfing” the boat’s wake jumping out of the water. The boat went nuts with everyone using cell phones to record the event.     (Most people were holding the phone wrong to get a good video … turn your phone on its side, like your TV screen, versus up and down … give it a try 🙂 This video was shot on a Samsung S6 turned on its side.)

They are doing a lot of beach renourishment which had some of the areas closed off and couple of dredges out about 500 yards off shore that the boat had to go around. The trip was close to an hour with some stops to see and photograph dolphins in the water.  Several came somewhat close the boat to check us out.

During the week, the local merchants and City of Virginia Beach stage a fireworks show on Wednesday evening during the summer time but due to an impending storm and lots of wind that made the air look like a sand storm, the fireworks were canceled We were bummed.

We left the resort and headed home after a full two weeks in the RV, learning more about what we will need for the full-time life and applying the lessons learned as well.

Til next time … 🙂

by Carl Newton