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A City Boy Harvesting Sugar BeetsHarvesting sugar beets became a possibility when Carl was researching ways to make money as …2022/11/08All Articles, Our Travels2022-11-08 20:31:38
A Cow Carousel – Who Knew!!!Hello cheese lovers! We all know our cheese comes from dairy, and we might even …2022/10/22All Articles, Other, Our Travels2022-10-22 15:45:25
30 Days or 30 Years – I Choose to LiveMost of us never give it a second thought. Or, if we do, it is …2022/10/17All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal, Other2022-10-17 13:52:59
A City Boy Harvesting Corn SilageWhen you read or hear “corn silage” you might be thinking thousands of corn cobs …2022/10/10All Articles, Other, Our Travels2022-10-10 15:49:54
Recalibrating…When we first started on our full-time RVing adventure in May 2020, we had some …2022/09/12All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal, Other2022-09-12 15:55:01
And We’re Off … Again!As you may know, we recently ventured to Maine for the 65th International Airstream Rally …2022/08/29All Articles, Other, Our Travails2022-08-29 10:30:32
Maine and Acadia National Park – Finally Got There!I have wanted to spend some time in Maine for many, many years. It all …2022/08/08All Articles, Our Travels2022-08-08 10:57:07
Cancer Free and on the Road!            After a little over six months from my initial …2022/07/11All Articles, Other, Our Travails2022-07-11 18:42:11
Giving Our Airstream a Lift…**Note: The video is not instructional. It is a mix of pictures and video clips …2022/06/13All Articles, Other, Our Travails2022-06-13 13:17:38
Update – Complete Metabolic Resolution!Good news, folks! After the first three rounds of chemotherapy treatments, according to my recent …2022/05/12All Articles, Other, Our Travails2022-05-12 16:48:48
The Benefit of Side EffectsAs many of you might know, I am now half-way through chemotherapy treatment. I have …2022/04/19All Articles, Other, Our Travails2022-04-19 10:18:49
One Down, Five to GoIt has been a long week. After receiving a precise diagnosis of Diffuse Large B …2022/03/18All Articles, Other, Our Travails2022-03-18 10:40:22
Normal, New Normal, AbnormalI have a theory, ill-formed and ill-informed as it may be. Back around 2016, I …2022/02/28All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal, Other, Our Travails2022-02-28 13:16:09
Treatment – Traditional, Natural, or Both?I have been exploring holistic health and natural healing remedies for a few decades. In …2022/02/14All Articles, Other, Our Travails2022-02-14 12:36:47
Gratitude Taken to a Whole New LevelGratitude… Something we feel and/or express when a kindness has been bestowed upon us. Whether …2022/02/08All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal, Our Travails2022-02-08 13:17:38
The Results Are In … NOT!For those who read my previous blog, Life Throws Us a Curveball, you might recall …2022/01/24All Articles, Our Travails2022-01-24 20:11:05
Life Throws Us a CurveballWe are “supposed” to be in South Carolina right now, slowly making our way to …2022/01/09All Articles, Our Travails2022-01-09 14:44:33
Happy and Merry (and an Update)!As you may know, Carl and I have been in our home state of North …2021/12/24All Articles, Other, Our Travails2021-12-24 09:14:05
Update on Current HappeningsAfter 17 months of being away, we have finally made it back to our hometown …2021/10/28All Articles, Our Travails2021-10-28 11:08:10
The Friends We MeetThere’s no doubt about it. Exploring and experiencing new places is the main reason why …2021/10/12All Articles, Our Travels2021-10-12 12:10:44
Sprinkling in Some History through IndianaIt was mid-August. Since leaving Glacier National Park at the end of June, we were …2021/09/24All Articles, Our Travels2021-09-24 14:00:54
Some of Wisconsin’s Finest SpotsUnbeknownst to us at the time, we discovered three “bucket list” destinations in Wisconsin—Door County, …2021/09/13All Articles, Our Travels2021-09-13 17:38:54
North Dakota Video Update!Thanks to my friend, Sylvia, I was made aware of some video issues in our …2021/08/09All Articles, Our Travails2021-08-09 14:18:22
North Dakota – Surprisingly Fun!To be frank, the main reason we traveled through North Dakota this summer (2021) was …2021/08/06All Articles, Our Travels2021-08-06 20:12:29
Untying the “I’m Not _____ Enough” Self-TalkGood. Smart. Pretty. Rich. Successful. Skinny. Brave. Savvy. Strong. Experienced. Coordinated. Courageous. And many more …2021/07/30All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal2021-07-30 11:39:09
Going to the Sun Road and the Longest Hike Ever!In a previous blog, we began talking about our trip to Glacier National Park at …2021/07/16All Articles, Our Travels2021-07-16 11:08:17
A Most Exciting Day!Have you ever had one of those days where you went with the flow, and …2021/07/03All Articles, Our Travels2021-07-03 16:21:27
A Day In Seattle – Tips for RVers and Other TravelersWe recently spent a Saturday in Seattle, Washington, visiting one of Madeline’s friends, Megan. We …2021/06/02All Articles2021-06-02 13:24:09
Happy Anniversary to Us!One full year. 19 states. 30,960 miles. 15 national parks. 3 national memorials. 4 national …2021/05/24All Articles, Our Travels2021-05-24 12:20:01
A Glimpse of California’s Hills and Mountains – Part 2Our journey north through California’s hills and mountains continues. Another favorite – Yosemite. Seeing old …2021/05/11All Articles, Our Travels2021-05-11 19:30:01
Reservations Required! Big Change at Yosemite and Glacier National Parks – UpdatedHello fellow national park enthusiasts! I posted this last week but have added a few …2021/05/03All Articles, Other, Our Travails2021-05-03 00:43:27
A Glimpse of California’s Hills and Mountains – Part 1Wow. Wow. Wow. Taxes, high prices, and crazy traffic aside, California’s diverse landscapes are breathtaking. …2021/04/30All Articles, Our Travels2021-04-30 11:37:47
Travel Update … What’s On; What’s OffChange is constant. Change is good. Change is inevitable. Especially when traveling full time in …2021/03/29All Articles, Our Travails2021-03-29 20:38:42
Desert X – Culture in the DesertDirt. Rock. Barren land. Palm trees. One can get over-saturated with the desert view after …2021/03/19All Articles, Our Travels2021-03-19 20:52:51
The Desert Bar … A Watering Hole OasisWhen someone says they’ve patronized a desert bar in Arizona, you might think that isn’t …2021/03/11All Articles, Our Travels2021-03-11 14:08:14
Alaska – On, Off, Back on Again!Fingers crossed. Since starting full-time RVing last May, we had planned to travel to Alaska …2021/03/03All Articles, Our Travels2021-03-03 15:10:11
From the Grand Canyon to TROUBLE on the Road!A day trip to the Grand Canyon for one last glimpse before we headed into …2021/02/25All Articles, Our Travels2021-02-25 18:44:13
RV Traveling Style – Learning Ours!For several years, before we started full-time RV traveling, we watched several YouTubers (Less Junk …2021/02/22All Articles, Our Travels2021-02-22 13:44:11
Southern AZ <> Ajo and Organ Pipe Cactus NMTucked in out-of-the-way areas of the southern AZ desert are hidden gems. Those who traveled …2021/02/09All Articles, Our Travels2021-02-09 14:18:47
Yuma – A Gateway to Dental Care in MexicoIf it weren’t for the snowbirds or for those traveling to Los Algodones, Mexico for …2021/01/28All Articles, Our Travels2021-01-28 14:28:28
So. Cal in December During a PandemicWe found ourselves in Palm Springs in the early part of December during the pandemic. …2021/01/20All Articles, Our Travels2021-01-20 18:00:57
Mishaps Across the MilesEighteen thousand miles. Nineteen states. Hundreds of gallons of fuel. The year 2020 in our …2021/01/08All Articles, Our Travails2021-01-08 11:52:27
More and Less … for 2021May this next year bring all of us More smiles      Less face masks More social …2020/12/31All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal2020-12-31 12:43:20
Merry Christmas! Our Annual Year-End Update…We all know this year, 2020, will go down as one of the most memorable, …2020/12/23All Articles, Other2020-12-23 13:36:57
Arizona Adventures – Part 3 – Cottonwood, Sedona, and Grand CanyonLet me just state, right off the bat, that we did not have a chance …2020/12/12All Articles, Our Travels2020-12-12 13:44:24
Arizona Adventures – Part 2 – Historic Route 66One of the things we planned to do on our RV travel adventure was to …2020/12/07All Articles, Our Travels2020-12-07 14:24:55
Arizona Adventures – Part 1 – Lake Havasu CityBoating. Kayaking. Off-roading. Hiking. Boondocking. Wine tasting. Sun. Snow. Desert and cactus. The new and …2020/12/04All Articles2020-12-04 18:36:45
“Live Your Joy” the Card SaidEvery once in a while, I get hung up on a word or phrase and …2020/11/17All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal2020-11-17 16:49:04
Challenge Accepted … Almost!I recently posted a picture of some paragliders from a place at which we were …2020/11/03All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal2020-11-03 15:46:07
A Note to Our FollowersThank you for following Riveting Journey’s blog! When it comes to building this website, I’m …2020/10/26All Articles, Other2020-10-26 11:44:04
Our Stay at “Unhenge Park”!Richfield, Idaho. Population 485. A laid back, central location to points of interest. Only 50 …2020/10/25All Articles, Our Travels2020-10-25 15:02:46
To Fall In Love With A RainforestYears ago, a dear friend introduced me to an album, The Music of Olympic National …2020/10/14All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal, Our Travels2020-10-14 16:33:29
Yellowstone National Park – Four Days Not Enough!We had big plans for Yellowstone. We thought we’d make it completely around, hitting all …2020/09/23All Articles, Our Travels2020-09-23 18:51:54
An Update Note to Our FollowersOne of our followers (thanks, Mom!) recently shared her experience with viewing the photos in …2020/09/22All Articles, Our Travails2020-09-22 18:03:30
Beartooth Highway and Chief Joseph Scenic Byway – YES!I love scenic byways. They promise to share interesting drives and breathtaking views. Beartooth Highway …2020/09/11All Articles, Our Travels2020-09-11 17:50:12
South Dakota SurprisesDirt roads. Wineries. Corn Palace. Sunflowers. Dignity. Cowboys and Indians. Rodeos. Monuments. Bikers. Old friends. …2020/09/06All Articles, Our Travels2020-09-06 19:51:32
Wisconsin Dells – A Family Tourist’s HotspotWho would have known that in the smack-dab middle of Wisconsin, about an hour above …2020/08/18All Articles, Our Travels2020-08-18 15:34:39
A Moment by the MississippiWhen I think of the Mississippi River, classic American literature, paddle boats, and a nostalgic …2020/08/14All Articles, Our Travels2020-08-14 23:01:04
Greetings from Bear CaveBear Cave will always be one of my favorite places during our travel journey so …2020/08/08All Articles, Our Travels2020-08-08 21:00:57
Ohio … A Tale of Two BeginningsWe spent the first half of July in the top two corners of Ohio—the northeast …2020/07/26All Articles, Our Travels2020-07-26 16:25:57
Niagara Falls and BeyondWhen we decided to include Niagara Falls as part of our journey, I was thinking …2020/07/18All Articles, Our Travels2020-07-18 10:56:51
A New York State of MindFor those of us who don’t live in New York, whenever we hear “New York” …2020/07/07All Articles, Our Travels2020-07-07 11:53:58
New Hampshire – Living FreeWhat a glorious 12 days we had in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Highlights …2020/06/26All Articles, Our Travels2020-06-26 12:19:27
Pennsylvania – A Relaxing, Full Week Amidst Beautiful FarmlandWe stayed in Pennsylvania for 11 nights. Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, the Hershey amusement park …2020/06/22All Articles, Our Travels2020-06-22 10:57:37
Flight 93 Memorial – A Must-Do DetourWe arrived in Pennsylvania on Friday, May 29, 2020. As if pulling our Airstream on …2020/06/11All Articles, Our Travels2020-06-11 11:18:58
The Widow Pence Farm – An Unexpected StayDuring our first week of full-time travel, we made three stops as we drove toward …2020/06/03All Articles, Our Travels2020-06-03 19:14:14
Widow Pence Farm Photo Gallery2020/06/03Other2020-06-03 13:52:46
A House Empty, A Dream FulfilledThe next chapter of our lives has started. Just over a week ago, we threw …2020/05/30All Articles, Our Travels2020-05-30 15:52:31
Getting the Water, Batteries, and Solar Hooked Up and Checkedo yesterday was get ready to go day, along with the prior day, and the …2020/05/13Other, Our Travails2020-05-13 17:12:36
Tears Over Salad—A Reminder to Do It My WayWe were in Maggie Valley for a long weekend—a much-needed and deserved respite at the …2020/05/05All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal2020-05-05 12:33:25
Day 3 of “Retirement”… and?Now that we’ve passed the hat of our company to the new owners (as of …2020/04/01All Articles, Our Travails2020-04-01 10:40:35
Just Call Me JackLately, I’ve been thinking of my next 30-40 years—those last few decades that will close …2020/02/08All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal2020-02-08 18:10:27
90 Days and CountingWe are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In just 90 days, …2020/02/01All Articles, Our Travails2020-02-01 14:36:35
Boone KOA, App State Football game and Parents Weekend..Last weekend we traveled to Boone NC, home of Appalachian State University, where my daughter …2019/09/30Our Travels2019-09-30 23:02:41
And So Are You … A PoemHuman. Female. Daughter. Cousin. Sister. Friend. Student. Feminine. Co-worker. Feminist. Liberal. Democrat. Wife. Mother. Publisher. …2019/09/04All Articles, Exploring the Transpersonal2019-09-04 16:24:25
More from the Virginia Beach KOA and the Week We Spent ThereSo, continuing the story … this is part 2 … The Virginia Beach KOA was …2019/09/01Our Travels2019-09-01 19:38:50
Next Stop … KOA in Virginia BeachSo after a really fun week at the International Airstream Rally in Doswell, we traveled …2019/09/01Our Travels2019-09-01 14:02:19
We are at the Airstream Club International Rally in Doswell VA.Airstreamers have been going to local rallies for years, and once a year there is …2019/07/24Our Travels2019-07-24 20:34:21
Maximum Expression – Don’t Take Anything PersonallyThe past few days have been an interesting foray in self reflection. First, I was …2019/07/10Exploring the Transpersonal2019-07-10 13:18:50
Shattering versus Awakening: Views of Spiritual Evolution“…you, in the very immediateness of your present awareness, are in fact the entire world, …2019/06/17Exploring the Transpersonal2019-06-17 10:41:04
Under Construction!This website is currently under construction (started by Karen on May 14, 2019). She is …2019/05/20Other2019-05-20 15:39:05
T Minus 10 MonthsWhat started out as a weekend visit to Karen’s mother’s permanently-situated RV at an RV …2019/05/20Our Travels2019-05-20 15:36:42
Soul Evolution: The Cycle of Consciousness“In the beginning…” – the first three words of some of the most famous and …2019/05/20Exploring the Transpersonal2019-05-20 13:04:16