If you follow Karen on Instagram (@rivetingjourney-karen) or Facebook (as Riveting Journey), you will know that we enjoy riding our pedal-assist e-bikes (by MacWheel) on trails that we find through the TrailLink app or the AllTrails app. We have decided to post our biking excursions on Youtube.

You are probably wondering WHY? Why would anyone watch a long, boring bike ride on YouTube? Believe it or not, there are already channels doing something quite similar.

Have you heard of people watching YouTube videos of other people playing video games? I guess this is the same principle. People might want to become familiar with the bike trails, or maybe they are on their stationary bikes and want to imagine they are going down another trail. So, there you have it. We are going to participate in this wee bit of insanity!

However, we are on a learning curve. We don’t have the right action camera. We are learning about gimbals and stabilization. In these first two installments, you will visually experience the same bumps in the road we did. The video software Karen uses, Movavi, has a “stabilization” feature, which has helped a little. But a true action camera with “hypersmooth” stabilization (GoPro 8s and newer as well as some other action cameras) would make these bike rides look like they were smooth as soft butter. We are currently waiting for the perfect deal on a used GoPro 8. We’ve seen the difference in stabilization in the newer GoPro models (click here to see a comparison), but, for our purposes and our budget, GoPro 8 will fill the bill.

If you are interested, take a peek at our first two installments of Two Regular Folks Riding Bikes (Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Greenway and Fort Desoto Island Park Trail). They might turn into wildly popular (haha!) YouTube videos, and you’ll be the first to see them!

Enjoy your day!