Good news, folks! After the first three rounds of chemotherapy treatments, according to my recent PET scan, most areas that were affected have been resolved (meaning: the lymphoma is gone)! There were spots in my neck, a few of places in my back and my pelvic area, along with a spleen that had “innumerable” lesions that had enlarged. My spleen has started to shrink back to normal size (normal is 12 cm; mine enlarged to 19 cm; and it is now 14.5 cm), and the other areas have cleared. My doctor says it is rare to see someone respond so well midway through. She usually expects some response, but mine indicates complete resolution. I will still have the final three rounds of treatment with another PET scan two weeks after the last one. If things continue as they are right now, I hope to announce a clean bill of health by mid-July as we make our way north to Maine for the International Airstream Rally in Fryeburg, Maine and maybe a national park or two—something I have been looking forward to for several months!

In the meantime, we have moved back into our house temporarily. It feels odd to live in a relatively empty house. We have kept the bedroom at a bare minimum—one lamp and an air mattress with clothes just stacked on shelves in the closet. We moved a lot of stuff out of the Airstream because Carl will be replacing the axles on it in a few weeks, so we wanted to lighten the load. Most things are in the garage or the kitchen. Our neighbors lent us a 42-inch TV which sits on a banquet table we had in storage. We have one recliner, and we brought in one of our bag chairs. Other friends lent us a few lamps, and our renters left us a kitchen table with four chairs. Since the first floor of the house has vinyl plank flooring, and with it being relatively empty with no large rugs and nothing on the walls, sound reverberates easily.

Even though it is strange, we don’t want to get too comfortable in the house! It will just be more work to pack up once we restart traveling, and hopefully we will hit the road full time in two to three months. So, if you come to visit while we are here, we might ask you to BYOC (bring your own chair)!! Or “OB” own beer, “OF” own food, etc.  LOLOLOL

I am very grateful for the love and support I have received from you, from Carl, and from other family and friends. It has kept me in a positive, healing, proactive frame of mind during this trial. I still have moments of disbelief that this is my life right now, but I also know all is good.

Thank you for the positive thoughts, healing energy, love, and prayers—all contributing to this outcome!